Corporate Events

We are proud to take our base pinball and arcade collection to corporate events. We put on a great pinball arcade show of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s , 00’s arcade and pinball and some exciting brand new machines. Usually we take about 15 – 20 pinballs and a few old arcade games like Space Invaders.

We turn your corporate foyer or factory space into an arcade from a past era –you remember… the one you used to go to….come on you do remember!!! We usually add some pumping tunes through a high end HiFi and your staff/clients/friends are amazed – playing machines like KISS, Centaur, 8 Ball Deluxe, Addams Family,  Simpsons and old electro-mechanical games that go DING DING DING, DONG DONG. Half the excitement is  -we give you the 20cent pieces and you drop em in and watch the older games burst into life. We  also bring some originals like Space Invaders, Frogger, Pacman. Comments include “Oh MY GOD; I haven’t played anything like this for years, that was so much fun” …AND FROM KIDS “WOW that was HEAPS better than playing pinball on my computer”. We usually run small competitions and hand out TShirts and prizes to good pinball or old school arcade players.

Sorry; we don’t rent single pinballs or small numbers of machines for your party. Its FULL ON BIG ol pinball amusement arcade show only, (6 machine minimum) and with good forward notice of your upcoming event or fit out of your Corporate workspace ( 8 weeks minimum), we can plan, look at the site and deliver something to talk about for years.

(With delivery of the pinball collection – we are bringing a – 40ft Kenworth Truck with lift gate which needs good access – we don’t do stairs, meaning its roll-on/roll off, we need at least 8 single phase power outlets and ……..IT GETS LOUD  oooohhhhh yerrrrhhh).

All equipment delivered is tagged and tested. A staff member will always be present. All our staff present on the day have OH&S certificates and working with children checks. 20 or more machines requires 2 staff always present (included in hire prices).

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